24option Supports Oikos Xplore

By making any differences to our world, we are depending on financial support from all kinds of industries. Over the years, Oikos Xplore received support from online casino companies like Casumo. We receive a lot of financial donations and volunteer opportunities from these kind of companies, since they have our back from the beginning. Our organization has a great relationship with the online casino industry and always had. Nina Ordsson, who started Oikos Xplore together with Alessa Harrison has a long history within the entertainment industry. Nina worked as a graphic design freelancer for many online casinos such as Casumo. After setting up the Oikos Xplore organization, Nina always kept her old business relationships in a very good shape and that is the reason why she still receives a lot of support.

Now, things start to chance since the company 24option has shown their interest for Oikos Xplore as well. After reaching out to Nina, the company told they are willing to donate an amount of money to the organisation, because of their good will. The CEO of 24option always had a passion for volunteering and that is what he always did in his past. The CEO, James Thomassen, has a long history in volunteering and frequently traveled to Africa in order to help. He participate in building projects and even educated the community about the value of economics. Not long after his last trip, he became the CEO of 24option. However, his passion for helping mankind didn’t stopped there. With the help of the successful company, he is still looking for ways to invest in organisations like Oikos Xplore.

This is the first cryptocurrency company that is getting involved in our volunteering projects. The donation was unexpected, but very welcome. The money that has been donated is now used for a new group of volunteers. With the help of this financial support, we are able to provide many more workshops for the new batch of volunteers. Oikos Xplore is already working on the organization of these workshops and the program will soon be announced on our website. However, we are always looking for more volunteers and sign ups, so if you are interested in working for our organization; please let us know. 24option is also promoting Oikos Xplore to make sure that we will manage more volunteers by the end of the year.

Thanks to James Thomassen of 24option, our possibilities as an organization expanded drastically. We are now able to organize even more traveling groups, offering more volunteers in different countries and are also able to show our gratitude to our members and volunteers. We are very grateful to receive support from healthy companies who are also passionate about helping others. If more people would invest in making the world a better place, the world will actually become a better place. Would you like to know more about our latest activities? Are you interested in helping out others? Please take a look at our biggest successes, which can be found on our website.