The Eurocasino free spins bonus trip

The Eurocasino trip was amazing!

We at Oikosxplore value the volunteers who are dedicated to help others in need. If you are a volunteer at Oikosxplore, you will notice the grateful gestures of our organization. They are a lot of ways that we use to show our volunteers our appreciation. One of them is organising fun activities on different locations, possible for every volunteer to join. In January, Oikosxplore organized a trip to Sweden to visit several online casinos. We just know how much our volunteers love to play online casino games, so it wasn’t really a surprise when we sended out the invitation to the team. Everybody seemed so excited!

With a group of 100 volunteers, we took a flight to Sweden to spend 3 days in this beautiful country. Not only did we visit online casinos, we also organized several workshops to educate our volunteers even more. The first day we took a visit to an online casino, specialized in eurocasino free spins bonus. They informed us about their strategy and even offered some special bonuses to our volunteers. Some of them immediately used this bonus and even won some big money with this! After this long day, we all decided to divide our group in to smaller groups in order to grab a bite in the city. Especially the winners of this day had a great evening with a lot of tasty drinks.

The next day we scheduled several workshops, divided in different categories. We at Oikosxplore believes that we should keep educate our volunteers on a regular basis and that is exactly what we did in Sweden. They have learned so much about the types of volunteering and became really motivated to start. We have tried to prepare them and even gave them clear instructions about building a home. What really surprised us this day is that one of the winners of the eurocasino free spins bonus decided to donate a part of his profit to the organisation. We are very grateful and thankful that there are so many good people on this beautiful world. We would use this money to promote Oikosxplore even more, so we can increase the amount of volunteers!

The third day was all about getting cultural. We have visited the important sightseeing of Sweden and had a wonderful diner with the whole group. Oikosxplore hired a complete restaurant for the last night, so we could all be together. By the end of the night, Alessa and Nina gave a beautiful speech to the group and really showed their appreciation to everyone. It was very emotional for everybody, but motivating at the same time. The goal of Oikosxplore is to keep doing this every year, so we can meet each other and build up a strong relationship with all of the volunteers. Volunteering is all about trust and by organizing activities, we can make sure that people can rely on each other. We would like to thank everybody who has joined this trip. Hopefully we can do this together every year!