About Us

Oikos Xplore started with a friendship. Alessa Harrison and Nina Ordsson were both friends who shared a common interest – volunteering. Alessa had spent time volunteering in Africa and Alessa volunteered in South America through different volunteer programs. When they volunteered together in Tibet, they talked about ways to help improve volunteering programs and the potential of volunteers. What if there was a place for volunteers to get together, take classes, and even organize volunteering trips? What if volunteering wasn’t seen as something for a select group of people, but something anyone could do, no matter their comfort level, strength, or country of origin? Could there be a place where people could meet other volunteers, hang out, share their stories, and learn something new? How about a place where experiences can be had after volunteering to help enrich and build up the experience of volunteering abroad? Or how about a place that would prepare you for volunteering beforehand, so that you could feel more prepared before setting off to volunteer in a different country? All of these were ideas that Alessa and Nina discussed over the phone, and over tea and coffee for many years, as they slowly joined forces to create Oikos Xplore, a meeting place for volunteers.