Activities Page

Here at Oikos, we believe that volunteering is meant to be fun. That is why we regularly schedule fun events for our volunteers. Here is a list of some upcoming events that you won’t want to miss:

Online casino tournament: Try your hand at poker, backgammon, blackjack and Texas hold ‘em, among other fun casino games. And you have the convenience of playing it all online, so you can connect from wherever you happen to be at the time. Join a team and chat with your other team members from afar. Try your hand at new games like gratis fruitautomaten you haven’t tried before. A quick and easy way to play a game without losing any money. Once you are registered online, you start with free casino money and then work your way up to earning real money from the casino. May luck be with you!

Football tournament: Put on your helmets, grab some turf and toss that pigskin. Try your hand at American football. It may seem like just a lot of guys bumping into each other, but here you will learn the true strategy of this game. Each player will be divided up into two teams. You will learn the difference between playing offensively, the rules for who gets the ball, how to score points for your team and be able to combine passing and running plays, among many other things. Lots of great prizes and laughs for all.

Game of flashlight tag: This is a great game to play in the dark. All participants are divided into two teams, with the exception of one person who is the “it” person. To tag someone you have to shine a flashlight on the other player and call his or name. Once you have been tagged by a flashlight, you go to a waiting area, also known as “the jail.” Once everyone has been found, the game is over. This is a fun way to get to know the other participants and practice being stealthy.

Hide-and-go-seek event: We will set up a hide-and-seek area in the main building. This has been a really fun game in the past as participants search for clues, treasure, and teammates. We added a lot of fun new elements to this game to make it really exciting for adults to play. We divide participants into several teams with different color t-shirts to match. We also added several other treasures to find as well as people. When everyone is found, we add up all the different scores, and have a grand celebration.

A festive item hunt: If you have ever gone on a treasure hunt as a child, you know how much fun it can be. Well, we have updated this game to make it even more exciting for grownups. We start off with riddles, and you have to find the next riddle together with your partner. With each riddle comes a new treasure that will also give you a new clue. Prizes will be given for various feats, including answering the most number of riddles, finding the prizes fastest, and just because prizes.

A pottery-making event: Explore your creative side by learning how to make pottery. Pottery is one of the oldest art forms and dates back millennia. Learn how to throw clay, cast it into a kiln, and then glaze your final masterpiece. This class is taught by a professional potter with decades of experience. Make cups, bowls, vases, statues, or whatever you like. Work with a variety of different molds, or shape your own creation. Share in an ancient craft that many people around the world still practice today.