Eurocasino BV, a successful company that likes to share

Sometimes you hear that it’s lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be at all. If you are successful and know how to share, and more importantly, whom to share it with, the top can be a nice place to be at. At least, according to Eurocasino BV, a company that is known for giving back to society. We will first tell you all about the company and then go more into detail about the different causes they have supported over the years.

A modest start

This Dutch company started like many; in the basement of one of the founders. Jurrien ter Wijlen had just discovered online casinos and wanted to create one himself. He was merely a player, so he needed to join forces with a programmer. He found one in Jochem Rosenkamp and even though they worked hard and did everything right, their first casino,, wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. After 10 years of hard work and barely making any money, the two friends decided to sell the majority share to a big competitor. With the big marketing budgets of this second company, their online casino became successful overnight and they were able to buy their company back within 5 years. A few years later they were able to buy a few other casinos and now they own a total of 7 online establishments that cater to several different markets. These include Max Bet Casino, Hustler Casino,, OddsBet, Bettywood, BetTale and Jack’s On5 Casino.

Quick introduction into the casinos

All 7 casinos have their own target audience. Max Bet Casino, as the name suggests, is for high rollers. This casino has games with high max bets and subsequently high payouts. Hustler Casino is a casino that targets a younger audience (age group between 20 and 35 years old), mainly in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. The mascots are created in the style of Pimped, the game by Play ´N Go. WebBet was originally an online bookie, but turned into an online casino that can be compared with the former Oranje Casino. Oddsbet is also an allround online casino, it`s basically the international version of WebBet. Bettywood is a casino for women. The design is made to resemble the Hollywood lifestyle in which all players can feel like Betty, the mascot. BetTale is created to make players believe they’re living in a fairy tale and all the promotions and missions for the rewards program revolve around this theme. Lastly, Jack’s On5 Casino. This casino is famous for its casino universe free spins bonus. Just kidding, it’s known for the resemblance to the Jackson 5. Not only the name is similar, but the mascots remind you of this popular group as well. In a way that mirrors the Casumo design.

Past collaborations

With all these successful casinos in their portfolio, EuroCasino BV felt like it was time to give something back to the community. To do that, they reached out to Oikos Xplore in search for a partnership. As always, we started out small. First, we found a few Dutch sports teams for disabled teams and asked EuroCasino BV to sponsor these. This has been very successful and led to better training conditions and sports gear for the team members. Later we went on to build a sports complex in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, especially for special needs children. We hope to send a few athletes to the Paralympics soon. As you can see, they have been great partners to us and we have accomplished a great deal together with the €1 million a year they have been donating.