When volunteers come together to learn, amazing things happen. Learning occurs, viewpoints are changed, new insights are gained, friendships are forged, inspiration happens and ideas are created. We do everything we can to create an experience you won’t forget while connecting with other people of different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise in various causes. Volunteers are given time to talk, try things out through hands-on learning, and collaborate with others. However, we aren’t all work. We also give plenty of opportunities for breaks and socialization. Our students enjoy these times to relax, get to know fellow participants, and enjoy formative discussions with their peers.


Are you looking for something unique, a workshop that is not already listed in our programs? Maybe you have a particular subject you would like us to explore, or you want to take what you learned in work and school and take it a bit further. Do you have a group of friends that you want to create a learning experience with? Or do you want to create a team-building exercise for your business, so they can bond and grow together as a group? Do you want to create more awareness in your company or in your school about a particular cause?

Practice First

Whether it be your first volunteer experience, your second, or your twentieth, it is normal to feel nervous before heading off somewhere to volunteer. Maybe you feel vulnerable, or you want to get to know your other fellow volunteers first before traveling abroad. Perhaps you would like to know more about the place you will be volunteering at or the language and cultural differences that might exist. Are there certain skills you would like to learn first before diving into, such as farming, carpentry, team leadership, teaching, or computer skills? Do you want to learn basic first aid lessons and emergency preparedness? Whatever it is you would like to learn before you go off on your volunteering mission, we are here to help you with our Practice First series of workshops.


We all come from different backgrounds, different perspectives, different lives. It makes us who we are and how we see the world. We at Oikos Xplore celebrate those differences and see them as a source of strength and richness, rather than an impediment. When people come from different places and get together, amazing things happen. By seeing the variety of lifestyles and viewpoints of others, we are faced with recognizing our own distinct differences and biases. Seeing and recognizing our otherness creates a fertile ground for discussion and growth.

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer is an exciting, innovative program meant to connect volunteers to those who need help in a fundamental human way. We all have a deep human desire to be listened to, and yet even in modern countries it’s hard to find people who have the ability to truly listen. Do you have a call to listen to others in a heartfelt way? Listening is an art form and a skill that is much needed around the world. We need volunteers who have the capacity to listen to those who need help. You don’t need to be a problem-solver, just good at listening and providing a safe place for people to talk and grow.


At Oikos Xplore we strive to to be up-to-date, forward-thinking, and in touch with the world around us. We want our volunteers to be excited about their volunteer work, and for the people we help to feel the difference we make. We keep up to date on current economic, social, and agricultural trends around the world to see where our help is needed the most. We regularly examine our methods and processes to see if there are ways we could improve what we offer. More than anything, we are constantly evolving, while still maintaining a strong core of connecting volunteers with much-needed helping opportunities around the globe. If you can think of something we can do better or different, please let us know. We invite and encourage feedback. Let us know if there is something we can do better.


When you are ready to get to work and serve others, Oikos Xplore has many different on-site programs around the world. We will do the work ahead of time to make sure you are placed in the right program based on your profile and your interests. We will prepare you step-by-step to be ready to go to your volunteer site, where you will work with other volunteers to make a difference in other people’s lives.