Taste Buds, real friends who cater to others

With a company called Taste Buds, it’s not hard to guess what they are about. This catering company is created by two best buds from Limerick who both had a passion for food. They couldn’t get the capital to start their own restaurant, so they decided to start a catering company to get the money they needed. However, after a few years, the company became so successful that they don’t even have time to think about a restaurant anymore.

Mostly weddings and company events

The initial reason why our two buds, Corey and Lorcan, wanted to start a restaurant and not a catering company was because they love to cook special and exclusive meals. Like most people, they viewed catering as something that was mostly used for weddings and company events. They suspected people didn’t care about the food and that their efforts would go unnoticed. As it turned out, they couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Even though most jobs involve personal or company events, people do care a lot about the food that is being served. Today Taste Buds, has even prepared 20 menus with something on it for every need or allergy. They spend more time creating the perfect meal than they ever could in a restaurant.

A documentary about famished people around the world

Everything was going perfectly when one day Lorcan turned on the TV and saw a documentary about famished people around the world. Interestingly enough, the documentary spoke a lot about health issues that these people suffered from due to long periods of hunger. In his head, Lorcan immediately started imagining which food types and food groups could help these people as efficiently as possible. The next day, on his way to work, he was still thinking about it. That’s why he decided to tell Corey about it. The two spent an entire day discussing about the ingredients for the best possible food package. When they finally agreed, they looked at each other and it was as if a light bulb lit up above their heads. They knew what they had to do.

Nothing a quick internet search won’t solve

The next day Corey spent some time Googling possible partners when he came across our site. He liked what he saw and decided to contact us. Since then it’s all gone very quickly. After all, Taste Buds was a partner that basically handed us their plan of action. The only thing we needed to do was contact our representatives in relevant countries to make sure that the food packages would arrive in good condition and would be distributed to the right people. Since then we have been sending 20 badges of 100 meals each per month. Corey and Lorcan got some local grocery stores involved to help supply a part of the food. They have also created great packages that are truly helping people in need. This was actually one of those partnerships in which everything clicked right from the start. In fact, it still is and we hope to continue working with Taste Buds for many years to come. If all goes well, they will open their first restaurant at the end of this year. The plan is to decorate the walls with pictures of people that are receiving their packages. Just to show people there is a real need for it and maybe convince them to also donate some money. All small donations help, after all. They are also planning on hiring a PR firm for the opening of their restaurant and this firm will definitely mention our project as well.