Taxtastic, the tax advisor who cares

Nobody likes to file tax returns. Well, maybe only the ones who get paid for it and they probably still don’t like doing their own. We could always ask Taxtastic, one of our biggest sponsors. They take care of the tax needs of a customer base throughout the entire Scandinavia, with headquarters in Swedish Mälmo. Let’s take a closer look at what Taxtastic really does and all the ways in which they have collaborated with us in the past.

Accountancy services on the side

As you can guess by the name, Taxtastic mostly helps its customer base with their tax returns and other tax-related issues or needs. Their client base consists of mainly about multinationals in Scandinavia and companies that conduct business in Scandinavia, but are based abroad. You can imagine how complicated those tax returns can become. To help their customers, they also have a huge accountancy department. It was necessary for them to create this service after they realized a lot of their customers were in huge trouble. The only way to help them out of it was to help clean up the messes the former accountancy office had made. It happens more than you think actually. That a company entrusts an accountant with their finances and ends up in ruins. Because accountants can never be held liable for anything. And 10 years ago, when a big Swedish accountancy firm went bankrupt, it looked like many of their big customers were going down with them. Luckily Taxtastic managed to save the better part of them, which led to the company growing bigger.

Tax reasons for philanthropy

When you hear that a tax company donates money to charity, the first thing you probably think about is that it’s to avoid paying taxes themselves. After all, it’s widely known that giving money to charity has tax benefits. However, this is not the reason why Taxtastic started donating. The real reason is that they were working with partners from many different cultures. During business lunches, they would often talk about different realities in for example factories in China or slums in Mexico near the border. When directors heard about these excruciating circumstances many people around the world we’re living in, they decided they could no longer turn a blind eye. They needed to do something back for society.

Collaboration with Oikos Xplore

Taxtastic came to us through another one of our partners. We usually start out with small projects, but this company wanted to make a big difference from the start. That’s why together we decided to do something about child labor in factories in Bangladesh. We sent a group of volunteers to Bangladesh, to the suspicious factories to discreetly find out if there was anything illegal going on. When the volunteers found out there was, they were able to rescue 30 children and place them in an orphanage for children waiting to be adopted. However, the operation was not a success because there were many children left behind. We have been trying to plan a second rescue, but it’s not easy as the factory owners are on their toes and the government of Bangladesh can be corrupt. But together we’ll find a way to help all these innocent children. In the background, we are also monitoring the status of the children we brought to the orphanage. We cannot afford to have them return to the factories where they were treated so badly, so we need to keep a close eye on them. Luckily, so far the children are all safe and sound and some have even been adopted by European families.