Volunteer projects

As a non-profit organization, Oikos Xplore is always looking for volunteers. Whether it be to go on a mission or to help out with the day to day work in the office. If you are interested in completing your college internship at our organization, we always have at least a few opportunities for you. Working as a volunteer for Oikos Xplore is not only good for your education, it’s also good for your CV. You will get valuable experience working in the administrative field when working in our office. And when you go on a mission with us you’ll gain so much life experience any employer will want to hire you. We have two missions coming up for which we still need volunteers, so don´t hesitate to sign up.

Building a school in Mozambique

If you are familiar with our projects, you have probably heard of the schools that we build in Pirambu and Bom Jardim, two favelas in Fortaleza. This is the capital of Ceará, a state in the northeast of Brazil. For those of you unfamiliar with the project Schooling Ceará, here’s a little recap; We went to Ceará with a group of 30 volunteers to create two schools, 1 in each of the mentioned favelas. A year earlier 5 of our volunteers with a background in civil engineering and architecture went ahead to initiate the project. We then gave the local people one year to actually build the schools and in the end we send a group of 15 people to each of the schools to make sure they’d get a good start. The idea was to offer every kid in the neighborhood free breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. All we asked in return was that the kids attended school and got good grades or tried their best to do so. So far this project has been quite successful. Kids are attending school and paying attention in class. However, we will only see the actual results when the first class graduates and tries to get into college. Fingers crossed until then, but we have high hopes. Such high hopes that we decided to start a similar project in another former Portuguese colony, which is Mozambique. This promises to be just as interesting as its predecessor.

Building water wells in Sudan

Whether you have been volunteering before or not, it’s almost impossible to not be aware of global warming. A lot of western countries have been complaining about (temporary) water shortages because of it. The supply has not been able to keep up with the demand as the weather is getting sunnier. This leads to people drinking more water, showering more often, and also buying little pools to be able to find some refreshment in their garden. Now imagine, if the situation is like this in Europe, how would it be in Africa? More specifically, in the slums in the big cities in Sudan. Many people who live there don’t have running water as it is. As they notice the effects of global warming as well the need for help is growing bigger each day. That is why we have decided to start building water wells in this beautiful country full of lovely people. We are still looking for volunteers for this project as well. This will be especially good for your CV as it’s a completely new project and you’ll be starting it up from scratch. Maybe you’ll even think of some exciting other projects we might possibly start in the future while you’re there. It’ll definitely be worth your time if only to get to know this interesting new culture.